American University School of Communication

With their undergraduate program ranked as one of the top ten in the U.S., American University’s School of Communication (SOC) gives eager young journalists the chance to pursue their future news career in the nation’s Capitol. As a student you will choose to specialize in either broadcast or print journalism, depending on your interests. If you have a desire to pursue journalism in a foreign country, American University also offers a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language and Communication Media. To help students find their footing following graduation, the school also hosts a mentoring program, staffed by alumni, for qualified seniors and graduate students. Through this program you can gain insight into the field of journalism as well as advice from experienced alumni on how to create a first-rate resume and secure a high-level job. The school also provides you with the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in either Journalism and Public Affairs, or Journalism and Digital Storytelling. Another program that is unique to SOC is their Investigative Reporting Workshop; a program designed to teach students how to do strong investigative journalism in a world that is growing less transparent every day.

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