Open School of Journalism

If you have limited time to commit to the classroom, the Open School of Journalism (OSJ) gives you the chance to gain the same level of teaching and experience through its online classes. This independent, international program is patterned after a German education plan, which emphasizes both theory and practice. OSJ seeks to instill in budding journalists the importance of thinking and acting “critically, creatively, and ethically” while still maintaining their own individuality. They also teach journalists to maintain quality within their work, in spite of the vast amount of content that is circulating in today’s digital age. The school’s faculty is comprised of experienced professors, journalists, and writers pulled from countries all over the world, including Norway, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The classes offered cover a variety of journalism principles from genres of journalism to public relations. You will have the ability to participate in a variety of workshops and forums in order to hone your skills and gain insights from your fellow classmates. As a student at OSJ, you will be allowed to choose your own modules and earn study points for the completion of each class. In order to earn your Journalism Certificate you are required to earn a minimum of 24 study points.

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